august 10, 2011

Keep of the Shadowfell Adventure (DM: RoundeyeSamurai)

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august 10, 2011

Postby xandersdad » Thu Aug 11, 2011 11:46 am

After much dillydallying, our intrepid band of adventurers come across a pit surrounded by drakes, aptly named halfling slingers, and something named agrid.
Busty runs out to magic missile them to death, luring the drakes with her siren's call, and low cut clothing.
the drakes come to us, which leaves the halflings to stumble into the pit to get to us.
die rolls were high, as both sides were doing pretty well. but the drakes were quickly overwhelmed, as Jukka by proxy had some crazy rolls.
Rukt played his role of tank well, even if he got hit with his AC 20 at least 4 rounds in a row.
Nook even got a few good rolls in (now you know it was going good)
This got him confident, only to be felled by multiple rock rain brought on by the halflings. Agrid came up, then disappeared when he first got hit.
Busty, jealous of the tank role, ran out into the middle of the fray, and got her butt handed to her.
But in the end, there was just too much "its raining men" for the bad guys
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