Encounter 3

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Encounter 3

Postby FrekldThunder » Tue Jun 07, 2011 12:24 pm

As the encounter begins, the temple's defenses are breached. A number of creatures burst
into the temple, hungry for the party's blood: two zombie soldiers, four zombie rotters,
two vicious gravehounds, and the reanimated corpse of an old foe - the Hand of Torog!
Surely, the influence of the necroshard is powerful and far-reaching.

A zombie soldier rushes Busty and misses with its' longsword as Drawoc and Goofus rip
into the Hand of Torog, their most dangerous foe. Drawoc's arrows and Goofus' Twisted Eye attack do
massive damage to the reanimated Hand, bloodying it from the start. Busty strikes the Hand with
a magic missile.

Goofus takes damage from a rotter as the undead horde advances on the party. Durzo
executes a successful Duelist Flurry on the Hand of Torog, killing it before the beast
even has an opportunity to attack the party. One of the gravehounds charges forward and
bites Kallista, knocking her prone. The Tiefling curses the gravehound and hits it with
an Eldritch Blast.

Nook uses Healing Word on Kallista, but misses an attack on a rotter. Drawoc marks the
gravehound that attacks Kallista as his quarry, but misses his primary attack, doing
glancing damage.

Goofus and Jukka engage a zombie soldier as Busty takes out two rotters with magic
missiles. Goofus bloodies the zombie soldier with Conductive Defense.

The second gravehound rushes to Drawoc and bites him, knocking him prone. Jukka kills
the zombie soldier that Goofus and he were double-teaming. Durzo bloodies the gravehound
that hovers over Kallista with a savage Duelist Flurry. The gravehound returns the
favor, however, spinning on Durzo and biting him. Durzo starts to bleed out and is
knocked prone.

Kallista takes necrotic damage from the bite wound but shifts away, cursing a rotter and
hitting the gravehound that wounded her with an Eldritch Blast.

Nook swings at a rotter and misses. Encouraged, he spins and swings a mighty blow at the
gravehound that engages Kallista and Durzo.... but misses.

Drawoc stands and shifts away from the second gravehound. Busty fails to shore up the
temple's defenses and two more zombie rotters break in. Goofus damages the second
gravehound with Conductive Defense and replenishes himself with Psionic Vigor. The
rotters press the attack, damaging Goofus and Jukka, as Drawoc suffers necrotic damage
from the gravehound bite. Goofus takes a strong hit from a soldier's longsword, and is
then knocked prone by a bite from the second gravehound. Jukka hits the first gravehound
with two strong blows, killing it.

As the party continues the fight against the remaining soldiers and rotters, Nook engages
Beacon of Hope, healing the party and weakening two of the zombie rotters. He then turns
his healing powers to focus on the heavily-wounded Goofus, restoring him to vitality.

Drawoc retreats to a corner of the room, firing an arrow on the remaining gravehound that
hits for huge damage, bloodying the beast. Busty fires a Nightmare Eruption on that
gravehound, creating a fantastic burning spectacle.... that fails to hit the undead

Goofus is still afflicted by the necrotic bite, but successfully shores up the temple's
defenses. As he does so, he is surrounded by two rotters, a soldier, and the remaining
gravehound. All of the undead strike at him, but only the soldier's longsword strikes
true. Jukka successfully performs Adjure Undead on the zombie soldier, hitting it for
big damage and pulling it away from Goofus. The weakened Durzo misses an attack on the
soldier as Kallista curses it. Kallista eldritch blasts a rotter to oblivion, and as the
soldier turns to hit Kallista with a Protective Strike, the Tiefling spins and blasts it
with her Dark Spiral Aura - sending it to a shrieking death.

Drawoc goes mute, dropping his bow and staring blankly into space.

Nook charges at a rotter and misses.

Goofus continues to take necrotic damage from his bite wound, and shifts away from the
remaining gravehound, damaging it slightly with Conductive Defense. Busty finally slays
the beast with a magic missile.

A rotter damages Goofus as the two rotters that breached the temple shamble closer.
Jukka prays to the gods, fortifying the temple defenses, as the rotters attempt to attack
Kallista. Durzo, eyes bloodied and dazed, kills a rotter with a shuriken throw, as
Kallista Eldritch Blasts another. Nook kills another with his hammer as Drawoc slides a
single finger up his nose.

Busty slays the last remaining rotter with a magic missile. Goofus howls in pain as his
festering wound deals him more necrotic damage, despite Jukka's attempt to aid him.

In the small break in the action, Durzo succeeds in shoring up the temple defenses.
Busty rewards him with some.... special attention, and heals Durzo some.

Kallista attempts to help Goofus stop the necrotic infection... and fails. This
continues on, each member of the party attempting to help Goofus with the wound and
failing.... and failing.... and failing some more, until Goofus is bloodied from the
necrotic damage. The party continues to man the temple defenses all the while, until
Busty overlooks one of the temple pits and another soldier and two rotters break up from
the ground.

Jukka, Durzo and Kallista concentrate their attack on the soldier, bloodying him, before
Nook charges in for the coup de grace - smashing the creature's head with his mystical
hammer. Busty and Goofus clean up the rotters.... and the encounter is FINISHED!!!!

XP Reward:

Soon to come....
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Re: Encounter 3

Postby FrekldThunder » Wed Jun 08, 2011 11:49 pm

XP Reward: 172, for each of seven characters
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