Encounter 2

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Encounter 2

Postby FrekldThunder » Wed May 25, 2011 9:23 am


After identifying the Necroshard for what it is, the party hears a terrific commotion from above and outside the temple. The party races up the stairs to the temple interior.

Outside the temple, the forest is filled with a cacophony of agonized moaning and screaming that turns your blood to ice. Through the main entrance of the temple, you see a truly horrific sight. The forest, lit by shafts of pale moonlight, is alive with rotting corpses clawing their way free from shallow graves. You try to count their numbers, but soon realize there is little point. The undead horde appears to approach several hundred, if not several thousand, members. There is nowhere to run; stiff, shambling forms fill the landscape as far as you can see in every direction. The dubious safety of the temple is now your only hope of survival....
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Re: Encounter 2

Postby FrekldThunder » Fri May 27, 2011 10:58 am

Encounter 2 Summary:

Our intrepid adventurers rush to the temple interior and begin to shore up defenses
against the approaching zombie horde. Kallista fails to secure the main entrance quickly
enough, and a zombie soldier and three zombie rotters burst in.

The party backs up, gaining distance between themselves and the undead. Jukka and Busty
strike true to the zombie soldier as it rushes forward. The other undead shamble slowly
toward their prey. Nook fails to secure another entrance and another zombie soldier and
three more rotters rush into the temple. Durzo and Goofus throw ranged weapons at the
zombies but miss.

Kallista fells the first zombie with Contagion.

A zombie soldier strikes Durzo with his longsword, bloodying the already-wounded rogue.
Nook consumes the party's last healing potion and fells the zombie soldier attacking
Durzo with Righteous Brand.

More zombies begin to crawl up from the pit in the center of the temple. Busty attempts
to stop their advance with her magic, but fails (in the sexiest way possible). She
redeems herself by killing one of the zombie rotters with a magic missile.

Goofus damages a zombie soldier with Twisted Eye but fails to hit with Conductive
Defense. Durzo retreats, heals with Second Wind, and bloodies a zombie soldier with a
shuriken. Jukka strikes true to a zombie soldier with Radiant Vengeance. Goofus is
beginning to be surrounded by zombie rotters, and suffers a slight wound from one of
them. Kallista destroys a zombie rotter with Eldritch Blast and retreats.

A zombie soldier swings at Goofus with his longsword and misses. Nook rushes towards the
soldier and connects with a mighty Aftershock blow from his mystical hammer. The blow
caves the soldier's head completely in, dropping him, and knocking two rotters to the
floor from the shockwave.

Busty unleashes Orbmaster's Indendiary Detonation, killing five zombie rotters with one
blast. Goofus leaps over the smoldering bodies and wounds the remaining zombie soldier
with Conductive Defense. Durzo retreats again, killing a zombie rotter with a shuriken.

Jukka bloodies the final zombie soldier with Radiant Vengeance. Kallista curses the
soldier and hits it with an Eldritch Blast, nearly ending it. Incredibly, the soldier is
still on its' feet. Weakened, it takes a swipe at Goofus with its' longsword but misses.
Busty finally ends the pathetic creature with a magic missile.

The party nearly collapses from the exhaustion of the back-to-back battles. But the
zombie horde continues to squeeze to the temple, and there will be no respite....


Each adventurer earns 119xp
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