Dead by Dawn Encounter 1 Summary

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Dead by Dawn Encounter 1 Summary

Postby FrekldThunder » Mon May 23, 2011 12:06 am

The party enters the temple interior, searching the area. Busty detects faint magic under the terrible
demon statue at the north end of the temple. Searching it, the party discovers a cache of treasure and two
healing potions.

Discovering a trap door beside the statue, the party opens it and takes the spiral staircase within to the
temple rectory below. Within the rectory, the party discovers a mummified corpse of a cleric, surrounded
by the days-previously slain bodies of four mercenary adventurers.

As the sun sets outside the temple, the purple gem hanging from the neck of the
mummy cleric glows with an unearthly pallor, and the corpses are animated to unlife!

The zombie adventurers attack with horrific vigor. Kallista steps smugly forward
to face the ghouls, but is soon grabbed and clawed to unconsciousness.

The wight cleric fires necrotic bolts at Durzo and Nook, temporarily immobilizing
the cleric. Durzo leaps to Kallista's aid as she falls, and Jukka's Dragonborn
avenger leaps as well to her side. Busty fires magic missiles at the advancing
ghouls and their master. Two zombies fall to Busty and Goofus' efforts, but are
quickly brought back to unlife by their ghoulish master's powers.

Freeing himself, Nook charges forward and deals a mighty blow to the zombie licking
Kallista's blood from its' hand. Jukka moves around the melee to attempt to
pull Kallista's bleeding body to safety as a zombie turns its' attention to him.

The fierce wight cleric casts Horrific Visage at Goofus, Durzo and Nook. Only
Durzo takes any affect, knocked back 15 feet but otherwise barely damaged.

One zombie adventurer licks its' torn lips and leaps at the curvaceous sorcerer,
striking a blow. The mage ignores the pain, continuing to fire magic missiles
at the unholy leader of the dead, whittling him down.

As Goofus and Durzo close in on the wight, Jukka and Nook dispatch the zombie
that felled Kallista. One of the remaining zombies leaps with a snarl at Goofus,
coming to the defense of its' master.

Busty ignores the zombie that chases her and lands two hard-hitting magic missiles
on the wight cleric. Goofus surrounds the wight cleric in electric psionic
energy, finally felling the evil creature.

Jukka heals Kallista enough for the Tiefling sorcerer to stand and Eldritch Blast
one of the remaining zombies. Incredibly, the ghoul still fights, enraged by the
loss of its' master.

Busty is finally caught in the corner by the grip of her necrotic admirer. The
zombie completes only two dry-humps before Durzo leaps behind it and beheads it.

Goofus moves the envelope of psionic energy from the fallen cleric to the
remaining zombie, finally ending its' unlife and the horrific encounter.

The purple gem around the wight's neck is identified as a meteor fragment that glows with necrotic energy. The evil thing's
power is enough to animate the dead, and it's power is greatest at night.

Searching the zombie adventurers, the party identifies one of them as Doran Underhelm by the tattoo of crossed axes on his
left forearm. Searching his body, the party discovers gold and gems.

The spoils:

Under the temple demon statue:
- two healing potions (Kallista ingests one)
- one 100gp gem
- 60 gp

on Doran Underhelm's body:
- 100 gp
- two small diamonds (100gp each)

- 112 per adventurer
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Re: Dead by Dawn Encounter 1 Summary

Postby FrekldThunder » Mon May 23, 2011 7:53 am

Oh yes, I forgot to list the necroshard as part of the spoils. It is currently held by Kallista.
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